Library Crawl brings visitors running

The Dover Town Library was just one of 12 libraries participating in the Library Crawl on August 1. Photo by Laura Drinan.

By Laura Drinan
Hometown Weekly Reporter

On August 1, a Library Crawl challenged library fanatics to visit 12 different area libraries, including the Dover Town Library, Sherborn Library, and the Wellesley Free Library and its separate branches. The Library Crawl, meant as a self-guided tour of local libraries, also acted as a scavenger hunt.

Each of the 12 libraries had a designated feature, such as the Soofa bench at the Wellesley Free Library, which the Library Crawl participants would find and take a picture of to receive a stamp in their “passport.” After going to five different libraries and receiving the stamps, participants could earn a prize from the library.

The Dover Town Library was a popular spot for visitors on their way to other participating libraries in the Crawl. By noontime, one boy and his mother had already been to five other libraries before stopping in Dover. Although the promise of prizes may have been the primary motivator for some people, others simply used the day as an excuse to explore libraries in the surrounding towns and see what they had to offer.

The temporary Sherborn Public Library in the Sherborn Community Center offered something different to their visitors. In addition to providing baked goods and drinks for Crawl participants, the library also displayed their Lego model of the new library, with samples of the different colors and materials that they hope their fresh, new space will showcase for its scheduled January opening. “People have really been responding well to the program and are enjoying their journey to the libraries,” said Sherborn librarian Elizabeth Johnston. Johnston viewed the Library Crawl as an opportunity to tell visitors about the history of the Sherborn Community Center, mentioning that the library was once in the building before their book collection outgrew the space.

Meanwhile in Wellesley, the Free Library saw an influx of visitors looking for their solar powered Soofa bench, which was their designated feature to photograph. Library Crawl participants who made the Wellesley Free Library their fifth destination received a WFL water bottle as their prize. Lunchtime proved to be the busiest time at the Wellesley Hills Branch Library, with a dozen people photographing the cupola on the top of the building to receive their stamp inside and lounge inside the quaint, cozy library.

For those looking to do some local exploring on a summer Tuesday, the Library Crawl was the perfect activity. Not only was it a way for the libraries to flaunt their beautiful facilities and myriad items to view and check out, but it also helped locals familiarize themselves with the bounty of events and opportunities offered at the libraries around them.

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