Neighbors gather at annual barbecue

Friends Ann, John, and Samantha pose for a picture at the barbecue.

By Amelia Tarallo
Hometown Weekly Staff

With summer getting into full swing comes the return of seasonal activities - picnics outside, swimming into the late afternoon, and, of course, cookouts. On Wednesday, June 12, at the Caryl Community Center in Dover, the Friends of the Council on Aging held their sixth annual barbecue, drawing in crowds of people to enjoy some delicious food, some great company, and some catchy tunes.

The familiar sizzle of hamburgers and hot dogs cooking on the grill, along with their mouthwatering smell, made attendees rush to the food line shortly after their arrival. There, they collected their sides before receiving hot dogs and hamburgers. Attendees loaded up on cheeses and meats from a charcuterie spread, a variety of fruits and vegetables, potato salad, pickles, and other sides to complete their meal.

As people filled their plates, the younger group of attendees enjoyed the playground, taking a few minutes to swing on the swings and slide down slides before their parents made them take a seat at the set-up table and settle down for dinner. Others listened as Sean Fullerton strummed on his guitar and sang some covers of some popular songs; some were even about barbecues.

Attendees enjoyed their hamburger and hot dog dinners during the barbecue.

Attendees enjoyed their hamburger and hot dog dinners during the barbecue.

“He’s come the last few years and people seem to love him,” said Friends of the Council on Aging treasurer Trisha Terrell.

For many, the barbecue was a great chance to catch up with old friends and make some new ones. “How you doing, Phil?” greeted one man to another with a swift handshake and a smile.

“Oh my gosh, the gang’s all here,” said Carmen Perez as she sat at a table with friends from her ukulele class. “Don, do you miss the the ukulele class? It seems like such a long time until July,” commented Perez.

Others sat at tables, taking the opportunity to meet new friends, all while bonding over some good food. “It’s nice to get to meet people from all around town,” said one attendee as she added mustard to her hot dog. Because of the open invitation and the fact that classes held by the Council on Aging attract so many out-of-towners, the barbecue even drew in non-Dover residents. With name tags for each attendee provided by organizers, it was easy to socialize and make new friends.

Attendees filled over a dozen tables as they socialized and ate together.

Attendees filled over a dozen tables as they socialized and ate together.

Following the barbecue feast, attendees were welcomed to pick out dessert. With choices like colorful cupcakes, brownies, and cookies, attendees had to make a difficult decision. Those wanting a healthier option took some fruit from the vibrant fruit bowls.

The Friends of the Council on Aging put together yet another successful community barbecue. The food was phenomenal, the company extraordinary, and music perfect to welcome in these upcoming weeks of summer.

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