Sherborn Library construction continues

Construction work continues on the Sherborn Library’s exciting renovation and expansion project. Just a few short months after work began on the site, noteworthy progress is evident. “We invite everyone to see for themselves the progress that’s been made removing ledge and preparing for the library addition,” said Mary Moore, Chair of the Board of Trustees. The addition’s lower level will house a community hall and gallery as well as adjacent conference rooms. Upstairs, this new space will include a dedicated children’s room, with child-accessible book stacks, tables and chairs for young readers and a new "tree house" program room designed to draw in natural light and create a sense of open environment.

The general contractor for the project, Five Star Building Corp., has been using big equipment - excavators, loaders and dump trucks - to excavate ground for the expansion. “Ledge removal work is nearing completion, and the contractor has created a cut-through to the existing library basement,” explained John Sayre-Scibona of Design Technique, Inc., project manager. “The foundation for the addition will be coming soon, and that work will be followed by framing of the addition.” Work has begun on new exterior pathways, creating new connections with parking and the Sherborn town campus. A request from the Trustees for additional money for full roof replacement and restoration work while the project is underway received unanimous approval at the recent Annual Town Meeting.

Inside the library, Five Star Building Corp. has completed demolition of the building’s outdated electric and HVAC, which will be replaced with state-of-the-art systems. The talented interiors committee of the Library Building Committee has collaborated to ensure a great selection of color, furniture and flooring for the renovated and expanded library. The bid process for carpeting and flooring was recently completed, and a furniture package has been selected.

During construction, the Sherborn Library will remain in its temporary home across Sanger Street at the Sherborn Community Center. There, the library staff continues to work hard, keeping the library running without interruption and offering a wide range of programming for patrons. It is estimated that the library will be ready to re-open late December 2017 or early January 2018.

For more information about the renovation project, to view renderings and project FAQs, and to review minutes from the Library Building Committee and Trustee meetings, visit the library website at Project updates can also be found at

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