70s and 80s fashions return in Medfield

High-waisted jeans, scrunchies, and Converse sneakers are among the many trends from the 70s and 80s seeing a resurgence among today’s high school students. Photo by Ainsley Shelley

By Ainsley Shelley
Hometown Weekly Intern

Among teens all throughout America, there seems to be a resurrection of 70s and 80s fashion.

At Medfield High School, in particular, this trend seems to resonate with mainly girls, but also boys throughout all grades. Not all of the respective decades’ trends have made it into today's style, though. There are a couple of key pieces that have been carried from the past to the present.

One item of clothing that was highly popular in the 70s and is now a staple in any teenage girl’s closet is a pair of high-waisted jeans. High-rise or high-waisted jeans can be seen throughout the halls of MHS on any given day. According to senior Jordan Wilson, these pants have regained popularity, “Because they’re more comfortable than regular jeans.” In her opinion, “they accentuate your waist and are a nice way to showcase a fun belt.”

This trend seems to be enjoyed by both students and teachers alike.

Another fashion fad that was prevalent in both the 70s and 80s that’s making a comeback is the prevalence of scrunchies. These funky hair ties are items even more popular than high-rise pants and can be seen on the wrists or in the hair of almost any girl at MHS. They come in multiple fun colors and textures that “can pull an outfit together,” in the opinion of junior Sophia Gustafson. Gustafson is all for scrunchies and believes that “they’re an aesthetic - they can keep hair up better than a regular hair tie can, and when they’re on your wrist, it’s like a cute bracelet.”

One trend that isn’t just for the girls of MHS is white shoes - specifically Converse. Senior Drew Conde sports these classic shoes and says that, “shoes are best kept simple to tie together your outfit, and I think that’s why people love white Converse - they work with pretty much anything.” Conde is a fan of 70s style and is largely in favor of this shift in fashion. His philosophy behind this trend is that, “like all art, everyone is just copying someone else, so people took the few good things about 70s and 80s fashion and incorporated them today.”

Having lived through some of these styles, it’s interesting to see what staff members think about this blast from the past sweeping through the school.

Medfield resident, mother, and MHS history teacher Mrs. Kincaid says that she’s “Noticed the bright colors and the high-waisted jeans” worn by kids in her classes. Kincaid also said that “the scrunchies in the girls’ hair crack me up.” As a mother who lived through the 80s, one thing that she regrets is not keeping her threads. “I wish I had kept more of my 80s garb now that my daughter is asking to wear it,” Kincaid comments.

Of course, not all trends of the 70s and 80s have been adopted by this current group of teens - trademark 80s curls, for example, have yet to reappear in 2019.

For some, it’s not the worst of things.

“[I’m] glad the permed hair trend hasn’t come back into style,” says Mrs. Kincaid.

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