Hannah Adams Woman’s Club turns 125

The Hannah Adams Woman’s Club hosted a great, enthusiastic 125th anniversary party.

By Amelia Tarallo
Hometown Weekly Staff

The Zullo Gallery is no stranger to hosting hopping parties. However, last week, there was a party over a hundred years in the making. On Friday, March 15, the Zullo hosted a party to celebrate 125 years of the Hannah Adams Woman’s Club. A total of 75 guests attended the celebration.

Hannah Adams was born October 2, 1755 in Medfield. She was known for the books she wrote, including "A View of Religions," and "A Summary History of New-England." Adams was educated at home, and learned from books she found in her father's library. She learned other subjects, like Greek and Latin, from the students that would come to visit her father. Her education was quite advanced for women at the time.

During her life, Hannah Adams and her friends formed a group that would hold discussions about books and other subjects. The Hannah Adams Woman’s Club works a bit differently today. The 33 members of the club work to organize fun, thought-provoking events for their group, such as speakers and classes.

From the moment guests walked up the stairs to the Zullo, they were welcomed into the party. “Well hello there, you made it,” greeted President Pam Heide to one of the party’s 75 guests. From there, party-goers were swooped into the events of the celebration.

Spread out amongst the beautiful art gallery, guests circulated to different stations around the room. Some went right for the wine station, ready for a glass after a long week. Others took a seat at the manicure table and received some pampering with some of their friends. Others flocked to the photo op area, carefully picking out funny glasses and other props to take pictures with their pals. Some approached the scholarship table, where they learned about the Hannah Adams Scholarship, organized and supplied by the club to one senior every year.

First Vice President of the Hannah Adams Woman’s Club Kate Tormey has been a member since 2011. She joined after being invited to lunch by a club member. “I like working with this group of women,” said Kate.

Liz Sandeman has been a member of the club for a couple of years and serves as a member of the Program and Function Committee. “It’s wonderful to be part of this fabulous group of very interesting women,” she said, “and to reap the benefits of being part of the country’s oldest women’s club.” Her favorite moment while being a member of the club? The annual senior tea the Hannah Adam’s Club hosts for Medfield High School girls. Her daughter attended the tea last May. “That was special,” she acknowledged.

"Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm" is the motto of the Hannah Adams Woman’s Club, and it fit the club’s 125th anniversary shindig to a tee. The members in attendance supplied ample enthusiasm, and were rewarded with an unforgettable evening.

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