Medfield fall baseball in full swing

A coach instructs his players before the baseball game begins.
By Robby McKittrick
Hometown Weekly Reporter

There is something calming, peaceful, and simply enjoyable about fall baseball. Also known as “fall ball,” most towns offer baseball leagues for kids to play once the school year begins in September.

At this time of the year in New England, the weather is a little cooler and the leaves are starting to change. If it is not too cold, it can be a great time to be outside, playing ball.

On Wednesday, Oct. 11, groups of first and second graders strolled into McCarthy Field to take part in Medfield’s fall baseball program.

First and second graders warm up before their fall baseball game.

First and second graders warm up before their fall baseball game.

The complex has four fields in its facility. On this particular Wednesday, the town used three of the four fields for games.

The format for each team consists of a 45 minutes practice and a 45 minutes game. So far, the fall program is in its sixth week, and has about four more weeks to go. However, many games have been canceled due to rain this season.

Many parents sat in the stands to watch their kids during the game, while others were standing on the side, leaning against the fence. A few fathers were throwing footballs to their other kids on the grass, while some others were busy taking pictures of the game.

The parents love that there is a fall baseball program in town.

“I think it’s great,” said Medfield resident Justin Vogt. “The more you can get the kids playing as much as they can [and] get more practice, the better they are going to get.”

Vogt’s son is in second grade and plays many different sports during the fall.

First and second graders play in a fall baseball league.

First and second graders play in a fall baseball league.

“He has been playing baseball for a couple years now, absolutely loves it, and pretty much plays every sport,” Vogt said. “But baseball is one of his favorites, so he tries to play as many seasons as possible.”

Other parents are always thrilled with the fall baseball program.

“I love it,” said resident Greg Sullivan. “Fall ball is great.”

“It’s nice that the kids have this opportunity and that they can combine the grades together,” added resident Katie Novak.

The fall league will hopefully get in the rest of its games before the weather turns from cool to miserable.

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