New Legacy Swing gets crowd dancing

The band performs after a brief intermission.

By James Kinneen
Hometown Weekly Reporter

While it wasn’t a swing dancing concert, on Thursday night at the Memorial Park gazebo, New Legacy Swing had at least one couple dancing - and pretty much everyone in the crowd bobbing their heads along to American favorites like “Blue Skies” and “Fly Me to the Moon.”

Based out of the Seacoast area of New Hampshire, New Legacy Swing advertises that their “extensive music library includes big band, jazz, swing, waltzes, Latin, rock n' roll, and R&B tunes from all music eras. We can also provide those ‘special occasion’ songs when needed.”

No special songs would be needed for this crowd, as most people switched between watching the dancing couple and watching the band. The band seemed happy to have them dancing, and continually pleaded for them to come to the front of the crowd, not linger in the back.

A couple dances through the majority of the concert.

A couple dances through the majority of the concert.

Though they wouldn’t, the band was still happy to have them dancing. Chris Smith from Hollis, New Hampshire, explained that not a whole lot affects them, since the whole point for them is to have fun.

“We’re a group mostly based out of New Hampshire,” he explained. “We play a lot of swing tunes, but we try to bridge the gap, so we’ll have some rock in there, and some real old classics. We just try to have a good time and let everyone enjoy it.”

One of the ways to keep it light is to have a huge age range between band members, which the band does. Their piano player is only sixteen years old, while other band members are in their seventies.

And while they played a variety of music on Thursday, sometimes the band will stick to only one type of music, hoping to allow adults to experience the music live again, like when they were kids.

“A lot of times, we do like swing dances and stuff like that where we stick to just one genre, or we’ll do like oldies nights for adults who want to experience all that music live again.”

Either way, while they only got one couple onto the dance floor this time, they’ll surely get even more on their next visit.

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