Seniors sway to swing band

The music encouraged many guests to get up and dance.

By Amelia Tarallo
Hometown Weekly Staff

It’s not every day that people get a chance to get up and dance to real swing band.

On Tuesday, June 25, visitors at the Needham Center at the Heights were ready to enjoy their rooftop deck and break out their grill, before inclement weather put a damper on things. But rain wouldn’t keep them from celebrating.

With the party moved inside, guests were ready to enjoy a fun soiree. The barbecue was organized as a way for the Council on Aging to show its appreciation to the Rotary Club for their donation of a brand-new grill last year.

As the Rob Natoli Swing Band played some smooth tunes, visitors came into the room and began chatting with old friends. They talked about the latest goings-on around town, and caught one another up on how their summers were going. One gentleman danced as much as he could, with as many people as he could, during the band’s set. One couple, who had clearly been dancing together for years, enjoyed the music, swaying and laughing together.

Despite the rain outside, organizers made sure that attendees still got their fair share of barbecue.

“It’s very interesting what you have there,” said one senior, looking at the plate next to hers, where there was a hot dog was filled with relish and hot mustard.

“They did a beautiful job with the food,” commented another as she observed the food spread that included hot dogs, hamburgers, and salads. As visitors made their way down the line, all of the important questions were asked.

“Do you want a hamburger or hot dog?”

“Do you want ketchup or mustard?”

Perhaps the most exciting part of the barbecue was the chance of winning $1,000 worth of scratch tickets. As part of a fundraiser, the Rotary Club handed out raffle tickets to every single attendee. The two attendees who won had their names entered into a drawing to win the grand prize.

Despite the rain, all the seniors had a fantastic time catching up with dear friends, enjoying some great music, and dancing the afternoon away.

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