Marken, Raider golf sitting pretty

Junior Alexander Baroody (pictured) watches his ball head toward the hole on a putt attempt against Westwood on September 12. Photos by Jim Baroody

By Michael Flanagan
Hometown Weekly Sports Editor

The Dover-Sherborn varsity golf team has bounced back from a 1-4 start with seven wins in their last eight matches, including a four-stroke victory over TVL rival Hopkinton (222-226), and double-digit victories over Millis (255-297) and Medway (226-247). Thanks to their recent surge, the Raiders have completely turned around their season and are currently sitting at 8-5.

Senior Nick Marken (pictured) unleashes his seven iron during DS golf’s four-stroke win over Hopkinton on September 28.

Senior Nick Marken (pictured) unleashes his seven iron during DS golf’s four-stroke win over Hopkinton on September 28.

The Raiders have been led by a trio of seniors in Nick Marken, Cole Condon, and Nishan Avedikian, all of whom star on the DS varsity boys ice hockey team during the winter, while Condon and Marken played pivotal roles in the Raider baseball team’s magical run to the DIII state finals last spring.

The junior class is the largest representative on DS golf this season with six members that include Alexander Baroody, Henry Kenney, Matt Paolatto, Will Rauch, Brady Tsourides, and Pat Wright.

The Raiders also have three underclassmen present on this year’s varsity golf roster, including sophomores Carter Eaton, Cooper Evans, and freshman Will Rooney.

High school golf is a sport that requires a lot of time and dedication. It is important to realize that no matter how much you practice, the difficulty of the sport will prevent you from shooting the perfect round every match. That is why the Raiders winning seven of their last eight matches is that much more impressive; even when someone is not having their best day or their putts are hitting the lip and not falling, there are 11 other guys supporting them and doing their part to pick up the slack.

It has resulted in a season-changing surge of victories.

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