Walpole’s own Bird Park goes to the dogs

By Amelia Tarallo
Hometown Weekly Special Correspondent

Dogs frolicked off leash. Some chased discs, others sought out doggie treats. Gleeful barks were heard by all.

These were just some of the sighs and sounds at Bird Park on Saturday during Dog Days, an event celebrating man’s best friend.

Vendors present at the event sold dog-friendly goods. One showcased an array of dog scarves and bows created to fit around dog collars. Another was stocked with a variety of dog treats, all fresh and locally sourced. An ice cream truck provided both humans and their pups with cool treats.

IMG_5651The Disc Dog Workshop and Competition encouraged both owners and dogs who had never participated in the sport before to try it out. “You shouldn’t be discouraged when teaching your dog,” Robin Moxley told participants. Moxley is the owner of Beantown Disc Dogs and has competed for many years.

Bela, a two year old German Shepherd, received several medals for her achievements in catching the frisbee. Despite her age, Morgan, an eleven year old Lab and Corgi mix, caught the frisbee every single time and received a medal for her efforts.

Rather than receive a medal for his success at catching the disc, George, a whippet and terrier mix, won an award for being the most entertaining. During his attempts, George was less enthused about the frisbee and more motivated to find his friend, Pumpkin. Pumpkin was competing in one of the Best in Show competitions at the time. After dashing off the field to find Pumpkin, George also attempted to steal a hot dog and sneak onto the ice cream truck. He rushed back to the field with a dab of mustard on his nose.

Moxely began demonstrations shortly after competitions. As Pitch Perfect’s “Cup Song” played, Moxley’s ten year old Sheltie, Cricket, leaped to catch disc after disc. The sight attracted many people to view from sidelines, watching in awe at the dog's athleticism.

IMG_5650Dog-related facts placed on posts around the park informed visitors about fun dog related tidbits. "George Lucas modeled the Ewoks from Star Wars after his family dog," said one, accompanied by a picture of a Yorkshire Terrier.

IMG_5656After winning the award for most affectionate from the Best in Show competition, Frances and her fellow dog companion Kramer enjoyed cooling down at the “Poochie Poolside Fun” section in the numerous pools and sprinklers.

Dog Days was created as a response to all the dog walkers who use Bird Park every day. The event was met with an overwhelmingly positive response by both owners and dogs alike.

There are already plans to build on the event for next year, where there are sure to be even more balls, biscuits, and barks.

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