Potters Place hosts show, supports community

During the Show and Sale, many artists featured bowls and plates as part of their display.

By Amelia Tarallo
Hometown Weekly Staff

On any normal day, a person could walk into Potters Place and find an active pottery studio. There may be slabs of clay, wheels, and sculpting tools all around the studio.

But this weekend, members of the Potters Place co-op transformed their beloved studio into a marketplace showcasing their best work. Beginning on Friday, May 3, visitors were welcomed to check out all of the available clay goods - and an Art and Bloom display - during Potters Place’s 28th annual Spring Show and Sale.

The last Potters Place Show and Sale was held the weekend before Thanksgiving. Like it did for the sale’s previous incarnation, Potters Place used the event to not only show off the work of its talented artists, but also raise money for a good cause. 100 percent of the purchases from this weekend were donated to the Franklin Food Pantry.

18 of 23 co-op members had their pottery displayed during the show and sale. Anyone who spent time walking around the room could see the different styles and techniques each artist used when creating their pottery, as well as the type of items they liked to make. Some created items inspired by the ocean, and resembled oyster shells, clam shells, and even fish. Others were inspired by spring, adding flower designs to their artwork and making small animal figurines like rabbits and birds to usher in the season. "They all have their own signature,” observed shopper and pottery student Cheryl Flannery.

The winning arrangement from Friday's opening night created by Janice Cederquist (flowers) and Helayne Ramirez (pottery).

The winning arrangement from Friday's opening night created by Janice Cederquist (flowers) and Helayne Ramirez (pottery).

“I like to make things that people use daily,” noted Chairman Sandy Smith about her own section. Her display consisted of beautiful blue plates, bowls, and mugs, along with other items. During the weekend, her top-selling item were her gorgeous mugs.

If it could be made from clay, then there was a good chance it could be found at the sale. There were vases, ready for Mother’s Day flowers. One artist displayed square tea bag holders, as well as cacti pots. A couple of potters created bowls designed to hold yarn for knitters as they created their own works of art. Susan McFarland’s artwork was decorated in floral designs. Some of her plates were accompanied by short verses - a sign beside them noted: “Poetry on this pottery by E.E. Cummings.” Other items included tiny garlic keepers and earring holders. One artist’s soap dishes came with bars of aroma therapy soaps, drawing in guests with their alluring smells of patchouli, cedar wood and peppermint. “I love her stuff,” exclaimed one shopper as they placed a floral print into her shopping basket.

This year, the showcase had an added component. Pottery created by co-op members was used by members of local garden clubs to inspire and create beautiful floral arrangements that were then voted on during the sale’s opening on Friday. This additional “Art and Bloom” theme was fitting with the arrival of spring.

The winning arrangement was created by Janice Cederquist from the Franklin Garden Club. The pottery holding the arrangement was created by Helayne Ramirez. Each of these arrangements were placed on sale and purchased. They were ready to be picked up by their buyers at the end of the weekend. Other pottery kept up the spring theme of bright colors, patterns, and decorations. “Our pottery is really reflecting the spring colors and flowers,” commented Sandy Smith.

Once again, Potters Place’s Show and Sale was a great success. Though many came to the Show and Sale to buy gifts for Mother’s Day, to decorate their houses, or even just to support their fellow potters, they all left knowing that pottery is more than just a hunk of clay. It’s an art form, a signature for artists, and in the case of this Spring Show and Sale, a great way to support one’s community.

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