Wellesley Players Family Theater to present ‘Pied Piper’

Front row from left to right: Valerio Foltran, Johannes Eikeboom, Hayden Boyd, Seamus Boyd. Middle row from left to right: Clara Eikeboom, Elizabeth Barrett, Lauren Rondini as Florinda Alex Hoskyns. Back row from left to right: Sadie Winton, Hannah Wyatt, Ken Fisher, the Piper, Will Gately as Pip, Lauren O’Dowd. (Photo by Joe Mouzon)

The Wellesley Players Family Theater production of the classic children’s story “The Pied Piper” will take place in the Wellesley High School auditorium on Saturday, May 14, at 11:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. and Sunday, May 15, at 2:00 p.m.

General admission tickets are available for $10 online at www.wellesleyplayers.org and at the door.

“The Pied Piper” is an original musical by Wellesley residents Barbara Tarlin and Wil Breden, with Tarlin directing and Breden writing the music and lyrics (the two also worked together on productions of “The Princess and the Pirate” and “Pinocchio”).

The show features a talented group of children, six from Wellesley and nine from neighboring communities. Veteran teen actors Will Gately as Pip, Lauren Rondini as Florinda and Lucas Boyd as Fabian take the lead as the kids who become most involved in the happenings of the fairy tale town.

With the hamlet of Hamlin facing a major mouse infestation, the bumbling Mayor, Wellesley native Bruce Von Rosenvinge and townspeople ask the help of a Piper (played by veteran actor Ken Fisher) to rid themselves of the pesky rodents.

Wellesley residents Robby Levy, Lois Goodman and Marian Morrison, along with Sheila Rehrig, bring down the house with their humorous antics as they try to outdo each other in song, dance, rhyme and fashion. At the end of the show, the mice are gone and everyone has learned a lesson about friendship and paying your debts.

All children attending the performances will have a chance to meet and greet the characters when the cast comes out for hellos, hugs, photos and autographs following the show. Thanks to a grant from The Fund for Wellesley, children and families from the community will have the opportunity to attend the performance.

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