Westwood COA celebrates Thanksgiving

Pat Horgan (left), Joanne Peterson (left) and their friends enjoyed their Thanksgiving lunch. 5AA1.jpeg: Guests came to the Westwood Council on Aging to enjoy a Thanksgiving lunch.

By Amelia Tarallo
Hometown Weekly Staff

On Thursday, November 21st, guests arrived at Westwood’s Council on Aging to have their own Thanksgiving feast. 

Guests were greeted by the sound of violins playing as they entered the room and picked their spots at tables. Friends, gathered together for the last time before the holiday, talked about their plans. Some would be hosting, while others noted that they would be traveling to visit siblings, children, or friends. For others, this meal was their Thanksgiving, some not feeling up to traveling far from Westwood, or without family to visit. 

Volunteers served lunch for guests at the Council on Aging.

Volunteers served lunch for guests at the Council on Aging.

As people settled at their tables, Council on Aging Director Lina Arena-DeRosa took the time to thank everyone for coming, including guests, the visiting musicians, volunteers, and the staff. Everyone gave a round of applause for the staff and volunteers who helped put the feast together. 

Soon it was time to eat, with guests lining up to grab some grub. While standing in line, many took the time to pat the head of an adorable stuffed turkey on the podium. Once it was their turn, guests were served by volunteers, including Westwood Selectman Mike Walsh. Nobody could complain with their choice of mashed potatoes, squash, turkey, stuffing, salad, a pitcher of gravy, rolls, and even some classic cranberry sauce. “It’s so fresh. Someone said they were carving it when they got here,” commented one guest after tasting the perfectly cooked turkey. 

“I thought these were sweet potatoes,” said another guest to her friends.

“It’s squash,” her friend replied.

“I know. I’m not disappointed. It’s good,” she said with a smile. 

For many, the Council on Aging’s celebration gave them the chance to celebrate with friends that they won’t be celebrating with on the 28th. “

Joanne Peterson remarked that her favorite part of the COA celebration was “Being together with friends and acquaintances.”

“Ditto,” agreed Pat Horgan. Peterson and Horgan have been friends for 55 years.

The Thanksgiving holiday means more delicious food, good company, and remembering what you’re thankful for every day - including old friends.

“So many people find the time to be grateful,” said Annemarie Sullivan on her favorite part of the holiday. “And gratitude takes you to heights.”

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